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Tips For Developing a Successful Sales Presentation

The goal of a sales presentation is to convince the customer to purchase the product you are representing. Beyond a general description of the product, a sales presentation should convince the customer to trust you and showcase the benefits of choosing your product.  Here are some tips for creating an engaging presentation that will help…
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If you’re looking for a cost effective way to give your customers the attention they need, while also bringing in new customers, you’ll find the solution with Hexis Representatives. Our team of industry experts in the industrial machining market has an extensive network of customers, ready to go. The relationships are already built, the motivation…
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How Do Manufacturers’ Reps, Distributors, and Manufacturers Work Together?

  Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Let’s take a closer look at how these 3 entities work together. Manufacturer reps act as the sales team for manufacturers, while the distributors buy, sell, and ship the products that the manufacturers’ rep is selling and representing. Each group has certain responsibilities to uphold for these ventures…
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What to Foresee while working with Independent Sales Representatives

Manufacturer’s representatives can be defined as contractors who work independently to develop different kinds of relationships with clients to sell products and services. Usually, these representatives do not function under the manufacturer’s supervision. This means that their relationship is not like that of an employee to the boss but rather business to business. These kinds…
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