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Tips for Sales Representatives During the Holidays

As Independent Manufacturing Sales Representatives, our workload doesn’t slow down during the holidays. Especially when in-person interactions have taken a hit due to social distancing and work-from-home orders. We’re the trusted resource for our manufacturers! So, we continue to work at max capacity, albeit a little differently. We have an extensive network that our customers rely on to get them successfully through this pandemic. 

However, as is normal during the holidays, calls will begin to get pushed to after the new year. Here are a few tips for sales reps to keep the relationships you’ve built strong and finish out the year on a high note!

1. Holiday Cards -

Whether it’s a new connection, a potential customer, or a client you’ve had for decades, a personalized holiday card can go a long way. Personalize the card with a short anecdote that the two of you have discussed, so they remember their more than just a quota number with you. The prospective customer will feel more comfortable calling you after the new year, appreciating the fact that you remembered the conversations you’ve had. The new customer will feel confident in his or her decision to choose you as the new sales rep. And the veteran client will smile knowing they are still in good hands.

2. Thank You Notes -

Whether it’s a phone call, video, or hand-written note, thank the clients that you have established a solid relationship with. Look beyond the obvious thank you. I.e. “Thank you for spending x amount of dollars with me” isn’t it? Maybe they constantly send referrals your way. Or, perhaps they offered motivation or inspiration when you needed it most. Maybe they simply go above and beyond to foster the working relationship. A genuine thank you note will be much better received than a cookie-cutter corporate response, 

3. 2022 -

Finally, look to the future! You’ve been at this for a while, so you know when a client isn’t going to discuss anything more this year. Start booking appointments for 2021! When someone counters with“Let’s talk in the new year,” have a date and time ready to lock in! You’ll hit the ground running in the new year. 

If you’re a manufacturer that likes the sound of Holiday Cards, Thank You Notes, and Over Achieving Sales Reps, give The Guys at Hexis a call! We’ll schedule a talk for the new year. 😉 

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