Hexis // President’s Letter

President's Letter



I am proud to say that because of our consistently exceptional customer service, Hexis has become the leader for sales and representation in the machine trades industry. We have built one of the top resources for world class manufacturers, distributors and machine shops.

We understood long ago that successful representation is more than just a sale. Our highly knowledgeable and technically experienced team of representatives can capitalize on product synergies to maximize your opportunities, market your products through newly identified distribution channels, as well as offer technical training for on-site and off-site situations. We go so far as to participate in collaborative sales calls to share knowledge and further build successful relationships with our clients’ customers. By growing your business, we end up expanding ours to keep providing more services.

We all know that technology in our industry is ever-evolving. Therefore, we maintain a close relationship with each of our Manufacturers to ensure you are receiving the latest and best tools for your specific application. We share this constantly expanding knowledge of work-holding, tool-holding and metal cutting to develop solutions that are current with industry advancements and perfect for your needs.

Supporting our customers to get the most out of their tools is a commitment we take seriously. Please contact me to find out how we can help you.

Always wishing you much success!