Hexis – Professional Representation for the Industrial Manufacturer


The Guys At Hexis

Tools Manufacturers Representative

We view ourselves as the manufacturer's field office, while also providing support to distributors and end-users. We have 3 Pillars to bring success to our clients.

Solid Relationships

We believe that honesty, integrity and trust are the foundations of good business. We use these values to develop long term relationships with manufacturers, distributors and end users. These relationships allow us to market your products through a variety of distribution channels.

Open Communication

A two-way channel of communication is the only way to maintain business relationships. We set up collaborative sales calls to share knowledge with you and your customers. Techinical training can be set up on-site or off-site. And, we attend the latest trade shows and open houses to stay on top of industry changes and ensure you receive the latest news and best tools for your business.

Product Knowledge

Our sales force receives regular training on all the product lines we represent. We are able to pass this knowledge on to distributor sales teams and end users. You can rest assured that your product is being demonstrated properly to potential customers. We know how to capitalize on product synergies to maximize your opportunities.

Whether you’re a manufacturer looking for a representative in the Upper Midwest, or you’re in a machine shop and need help with a problem, the guys at Hexis can help.