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About Hexis

About Hexis

Tools Manufacturers Representative

Hexis is an Independent Sales Agency specifically serving industrial manufacturers. Our representatives fulfil sales, promotion and customer care roles for our clientele.

Andrew Skoog, founder of Hexis, worked as a machinist before entering distribution sales. He immediately recognized the need for manufacturer sales representatives who cared enough to learn about the products they were selling - and who answered their phones. So, he set out to create a manufacturers’ representative agency that businesses could rely on, and Hexis was born. Over the years, Hexis has grown to be one of the largest independent manufacturers’ sales representative firms in the Midwest. Our network expands to more than 150 distributor reps and a database of 75,000 contacts with our reps strategically located throughout the upper Midwest.

Thanks to a strong sense of integrity and putting clients’ needs first, Hexis is the Midwest’s most trusted leader for sales and representation in the machine trades industry.

Sales growth is your #1 concern, and we’re equipped to make that happen.

Contact us today to learn more about how Hexis’ dedicated industrial manufacturers’ representatives will improve your bottom line.

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