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About Hexis

About Hexis

Independent Manufacturers Representatives

Our goal at Hexis is to provide the best sales and service possible in marketing and promoting high quality products from our leading and reputable manufacturers. We view ourselves as the manufacturer's field office, while also creating programs and providing support to distributors and end-users. We believe that solid, dependable relationships, superior product knowledge, and responsive communication are keys to attaining these goals.

Solid Relationships

We believe that honesty, integrity and trust are the foundation of good business. These values have helped us develop long term business relationships. They are the cornerstone of our service to our customers, distributors and manufacturers.

Product Knowledge

We know that training at all levels is necessary to the success of a manufacturer’s product. Our sales force receives regular training on our product lines to ensure knowledgeable representation. They then pass on this knowledge to distributor salesmen and end-users to ensure that the products are demonstrated and used properly.


We feel that an open, two-way channel of communication is the only way to maintain our business relationships. It is also instrumental in helping us achieve our sales goals and in aiding our customers to achieve their revenue goals. We attend all of the Industry’s large Trade Shows and Open Houses to meet with customers and stay on top of industry changes.