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High Efficiency Milling (HEM)

High efficiency milling (HEM) is a machining technique that has gained significant attention in recent years due to its ability to improve productivity and reduce costs in the manufacturing industry. This essay will explore the concept of high efficiency milling, its benefits, and provide examples of its application in various industries. HEM is a machining…
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How a Manufacturers’ Sales Rep Can Adapt in 2022

Impact of Pandemic on Businesses Remember the days of in-person coffee shop meetings, last-minute shop visits, and weekend trade shows? The COVID-19 Pandemic really shifted how businesses across all industries operate. And while vaccines are being administered and there’s a glimmer of “normal” on the horizon, McKinsey & Company research found that the majority of…
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Tips for Sales Representatives During the Holidays

As Independent Manufacturing Sales Representatives, our workload doesn’t slow down during the holidays. Especially when in-person interactions have taken a hit due to social distancing and work-from-home orders. We’re the trusted resource for our manufacturers! So, we continue to work at max capacity, albeit a little differently. We have an extensive network that our customers…
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