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How a Manufacturers’ Sales Rep Can Adapt in 2021

Remember the days of in-person coffee shop meetings, last minute shop visits, and weekend trade shows? The COVID-19 Pandemic really shifted how businesses across all industries operate. And while vaccines are being administered and there’s a glimmer of “normal” on the horizon, McKinsey & Company research found that the majority of B2B companies have shifted to virtual meetings and they’re likely going to stay that way. If decision makers prefer the virtual meeting, Independent Sales Representatives will have to adapt.

Research done by Adam Grant of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania determined that the top personality trait of the most successful Salesperson is the ability to adapt! Here is a list of things you can do to adapt to this new business model and stand out:

  1. Record a Video for Emails: Since we can’t meet in person and people often hide behind a dark screen on video meetings, a video adds a nice human touch. A short video sharing info about the industry or how you’re adapting to keep their business rolling is a great way to keep your face in front of your network.
  2. Send a Digital Coffee Gift Card: We can’t meet at the coffee shop to talk business, but you can still buy a cup! Email a Starbucks gift card to a customer you haven’t seen in awhile or one that’s always reliable.
  3. Send a Hand-Written Note: Better yet, slide a gift card into a hand-written note! In a world where everything is becoming more digital, a physical gift card and note might be just the thing to set you apart and get a phone call. 
  4. Expand Your LinkedIn Network: Sharing articles on LinkedIn is great, but it’s time to throw in some personal touches. Post photos of you in your home office or throwback to when we could meet at tradeshows. Show your face! Share how you’re helping clients even if you can’t work in person right now. 
  5. Freshen the Home Office: Video Conference Calls are inevitable. And while chilling on the couch in your poorly lit living room may seem like the easiest way to join that call, consider what a bright and organized work space will say about you! Might be time to invest in a decent camera now, too. 
  6. Set Goals and Make A Plan: Whether you have 1 goal or 100 this year, set yourself up for success. Write them down and write out how you will achieve each goal. When you feel flustered or the work week is dragging, consult your goal list!

The Guys at Hexis are ready to represent you! We’re constantly adapting to this new way of business and with our extensive network in our back pocket, we can hit the ground running for you. Give us a call today!

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