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How a Manufacturer Can Keep An Independent Sales Rep’s Attention

We know manufacturers are always on the lookout for quality sales representatives. And we, as an Independent Manufacturers Sales Rep Agency, are always on the lookout for quality manufacturers. The foundation of a mutually beneficial relationship starts with trust. And here are a few tips to build that with your Rep.


Clearly communicate your desired results and plans of action. Listen to the ideas of your rep. Work together to define common goals and strategies. As you map out a plan of action together, your trust in each other will begin to grow.


Your rep needs to know they can count on you. Answer emails, texts, and calls in a timely manner. Work together to ease customer complaints and worries. When a sales rep knows they can count on your response, they will naturally gravitate towards spending more selling time with you and your products. And since they are spending more time selling your products, remember to keep them in the loop with company activities, product changes and marketing plans.


Manufacturer’s Reps don’t need sales training. They are already pros at that! But regular training videos and info on your products gives a rep the confidence and knowledge to present it to their network. And while they have an extensive network, a sales rep will always value the manufacturers that provide quality sales leads.


Abandon the “Us vs Them’ mentality. You both want to make a sale. You both want continued business. Unite as a team to provide the best experience for the customer, and ensure future sales.

Looking for Manufacturers’ Reps you can trust? Give the Guys at Hexis a call and let’s start the conversation!

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