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How Do Manufacturers’ Reps, Distributors, and Manufacturers Work Together?


Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Let’s take a closer look at how these 3 entities work together. Manufacturer reps act as the sales team for manufacturers, while the distributors buy, sell, and ship the products that the manufacturers’ rep is selling and representing. Each group has certain responsibilities to uphold for these ventures to be a success.

1Responsibilities of the Manufacturer:
The manufacturer creates the products that the manufacturers’ rep sales and the distributor delivers. They also provide necessary training and educational materials so that the manufacturers’ reps can successfully sell the product and they are responsible for paying the manufacturers’ rep’s commission. Distributors may also sale products on behalf of the manufacturer, so the manufacturer would be responsible for providing wholesale offers for the distributor.

2. Responsibilities of the Manufacturers’ Representative:
A manufacturers’ rep is a sales agent with extensive marketing and sales experience. The manufacturer's rep has excellent communication skills and can present the manufacturer’s product in a clear and concise manner, while also being able to train the customer on proper use. They attend various trade shows to expand his or her network and to stay up to date on the latest products in the industry. Manufacturers’ representatives usually deal with all the paperwork too, which can be a nice bonus for the manufacturer.

3. Responsibilities of the Distributor:
The distributor's role starts once the manufacturer’s rep makes the sale. Soon after the manufacturer's rep closes with the customer, the distributor has to manage the product's delivery from the manufacturer to the customer. Distributors can also buy wholesale from the manufacturers and sale their products to their customers as well.

The key to success is the combined work of the manufacturer, distributor, and the independent sales rep. There needs to be a close collaboration from all three. This will increase the number of sales and lead to success for all involved. Choosing Hexis Manufacturer’s Reps is your first step toward success!

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