If you’re looking for a cost effective way to give your customers the attention they need, while also bringing in new customers, you’ll find the solution with Hexis Representatives. Our team of industry experts in the industrial machining market has an extensive network of customers, ready to go. The relationships are already built, the motivation to sell is already there, and our care and attention to detail has been a top priority since day one. We’re ready to start selling for you.

Here are 3 benefits to using the Hexis Team.


When you choose to partner with Hexis, you gain immediate access to the industry. Our manufacturers’ representatives have already built an established network of connections perfect for your product – so you don’t have to! Also, we probably already know who your next customers are going to be, because we know what they need. We believe that honesty, integrity and trust are the foundation of good business. These values have helped us develop long term relationships with our manufacturers and are the cornerstone of our services.

Product Knowledge

In addition to a vast network, the Hexis Team has a vast knowledge of products. Since we represent a number of different complimentary manufacturers, our team’s training and knowledge of the industry is the best in the business – our jobs depend on it! Hexis Manufacturers Reps receive regular training on products and the latest trends in the industry, to ensure your products are demonstrated and sold appropriately. As far as selling your products – you won’t have to worry about training the Hexis Team how to sell – we are already successful sales people with professional certifications across several industries! 

Sales Growth

We don’t succeed unless you do. Plain and simple. You can rest assured that your Hexis Rep is motivated to bring you the business you need. We have market presence, and feet on the ground with over 150 distributor reps and a database of more than 75,000 contacts at our fingertips, with multiple reps strategically located throughout the upper Midwest. We’re exactly where you need to be for us both to succeed.

Our goal at Hexis is to provide the best sales and service possible in marketing and promoting high quality products from our leading and reputable manufacturers. We view ourselves as the manufacturer’s field office, while also creating programs and providing support to distributors and end-users. We believe that solid, dependable relationships, superior product knowledge, and responsive communication are keys to attaining these goals. Contact us today to learn more about how Hexis’ dedicated industrial manufacturers’ representatives will improve your bottom line. 






” Per your recommendations and support, we doubled our production and will name this tool after you. ”

– Dave B,

“ We see a lot of reps and only give the good ones like yourself opportunities! Your team and suggestions always work and we really like the way you learn about our business. ”

– Randy S

“ Thank you for introducing us to Heimatec and allowing us to see the difference risk free. I may have to wear a “Heimatec tatoo.” They are the best live tools I have ever used! ”

– Jake V,

“ I wish all rep agencies would share your philosophies about distribution! We haven’t been this motivated to work with a rep agency in a very long time! ”

 – Pete D,

“ Andrew’s insight and contributions have been invaluable to us in achieving success with some very difficult projects over the years. ”

–  Jonathan S,

“ Andrew, if you rep it, we’ll sell it! ”

– A Local Distributor,

“ Andrew and his team have been a huge asset for Hardinge Workholding!
Hexis has helped us to target customers with Hardinge’s new product lines. With Hexis’ local market knowledge and customer relationships, Hardinge has seen solid sales growth and market penetration. ”

–  Ryan E,

“ I work with Hexis and always have excellent results with their tooling recommendations and industry knowledge. They are a valuable resource for the industry. You can count on them – we do! ”

– Craig H,