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Holidays, Handshakes, and COVID-19 – How Independent Manufacturers’ Sales Reps Continue to Make Sales

This time of year always throws the work flow out of whack for the independent manufacturers’ sales representative. Decision makers have holiday vacation on their minds and have little interest in setting up any new deals. The phrase, “Let’s talk after the new year,” will soon be everyone’s catch phrase. Add in a layer of social distancing and the prospect of landing any new customers by the end of the year seems slim.

So, how do you grow your network and sales during the holiday season while in a pandemic? You turn to trusted resources - Independent Manufacturing Sales’ Representatives! We might not be able to shake hands right now, but we’ve been closing deals with handshakes for decades. Which means, we are the trusted source for your new customers. We can make that connection happen over the phone, through an email, on a zoom call, or even, by text message! 

And here’s something to consider, the holidays are a busy time for everyone, including your next customer. You might be just the manufacturer they need to ensure they are ready to handle the holiday season! You can’t meet them face-to-face, but we already have, so let us make the connection for you.

The Guys at Hexis are ready to take your product to distributors and end users. Even during this strange holiday season! Give us a call or let’s hop on zoom and get your sales going!

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