The Two-Sided Relationship Is Best for Industrial Sales

The most successful Industrial Manufactures are in a mutually beneficial relationship with their Sales Representatives, sharing much information. At the same time, successful Manufacturer’s Reps are also able to influence their clients, the Manufacturers, with not only sales revenue, but with additional customer intelligence.

The Manufacturer and Sales Rep relationship is truly a partnership where both should benefit from each other’s business interests, other than the obvious, increased sales. One-sided relationships are inevitably not constructive. This all too frequently happens in the Manufacturing Industry when Manufacturers become too deeply interested in procuring the customer list as diligently accumulated by the Sales Reps. There is little incentive for a Rep to just hand over their lists. This definitely results in one-sided benefits.

Each Side Brings their Assets to the Table

 Sales Representatives are hired for specific skill sets: sales/increasing revenue, creating more efficient time usage for the Manufactures, customer access and networking capabilities. Sales reps are the ultimate networkers. That is a prerequisite to successfully doing their job and the resulting information is often intuitive as well as the by-product of long-term efforts. It cannot be merely passed through as a list of names and addresses. Even if it could, would a manufacturer know how to maintain those kinds of valuable relationships?

Arm Them with a Cannon or a Squirt Gun?

 Manufacturers can “give” to their reps by sharing much about their products and technology used, as well as the details on their cutting tools, medical parts, or whatever else is being sold. Giving the Sales Reps detailed information on the products will not only ensure more knowledgeable sales people but will serve the interests of the manufacturers too. Reps can interpret your service/products to their network of potential customers based on their needs. Denying a Sales Team complete information related to what is being offered is like sending your soldiers into battle with little weaponry. Arming someone, such as a Precision Manufacturing Rep, with a cornucopia of information about the tools being sold means that they can speak more confidently and persuasively to the potential customer, translating into better sales.

Another valuable resource Manufacturers can provide to their Sales Reps, is marketing. Manufacturers have the capabilities of providing data from product launches, social media campaigns, customer feedback, historic data on the popularity of the product, past sales trends and much more. Manufacturers can also run marketing campaigns concurrent to sales campaigns, increasing brand recognition. There is no doubt that increased brand recognition can go a long way toward successful sales efforts.

Sales Reps Have Valuable Intel too

Sales Representatives also can “give” back to Manufacturers the anecdotal information they learn from their sales relationships. This is valuable information that comes only from informal conversations during the sales relationship. They hear what customers are looking for and what they do not like. This is the real intelligence that helps Manufacturers to continually improve their products, as well as marketing collateral (online and in print).

Shared Information Gives the Advantage

To be ahead of the game when a Manufacturer works with a Sales Representative or Rep Agency, it all boils down to truly having a mutually beneficial partnership. As part of the sales process, the rep inevitably shares their networks and insider information on customers and the Manufacturer shares their marketing and technological knowledge. What you want the other side to give should reflect evenly with how much you are willing to give them.


At Hexis, we have developed a highly technical and knowledgeable team of representatives that can capitalize on product synergies to maximize your opportunities, market your products through newly identified distribution channels, provide technical training for on-site and off-site situations, and participate in collaborative sales calls to share knowledge and further build successful relationships with your end customers.

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