Best Independent Sales Consultant Company: A Story From Our Client

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I’m the co-founder of a company that deals with the manufacture of metrology equipment. We had ventured into the business three years ago with the goal of making high quality & accuracy centric measuring instruments. We had hired professionals & well-trained workers with good experience to work with us & help us in our endeavor. Some of our manufacturing equipment was imported from Germany. As a result, our investment turned out to be pretty high. Likewise, our hopes of making it big in the business were also high. We initially specialized in instruments like Calipers, Cylindrical Ring Gages, Cylindrical Pins & Feeler Gages.

With all the founders being from Instrumentation Engineering background, we had put our best efforts into the manufacturing process. As a result, we achieved the right output. In fact, we did better than we expected. Then came the challenge of marketing our products. The sales part did not seem like a big deal to us since we were confident that our high-quality products would do the talking. We added to our investment by advertising through T.V., Billboards & pamphlets. We also reached out to potential customers by sending some of our workers as sales representatives to companies & educational institutions. Alas! None of this helped. We ended up attracting far fewer customers than what we had expected for a new business.

Our company was running in losses & we also had to bear the burden of repaying the loans taken. What we failed to see in the whole situation is that we weren’t the only company in the market that manufactured metrology instruments. There were many more manufacturing companies delivering the same services as us. In fact, some of them were doing very well, though they weren’t the best in quality. This analysis got us thinking about how important it is to do smart advertising & reach out to customers the right way which we had no experience in. For this, we needed independent sales representatives.

We decided to approach an independent sales consultancy company for the same. Hexis, a similar company was recommended to us by an acquaintance who had hired independent sales representatives for his company from this firm before. His company deals with the manufacture of machine cutting tools & our requirements were somewhat alike. After seeking the help of Hexis, his company had seen substantial improvement in sales in a short time. Hence, we were convinced that Hexis could be what we have been looking for.

We approached the company, told them our requirements & they assigned a team of independent sales consultants to the job. These consultants already had a good knowledge of instrumentation. It took not more than a week for them to learn & understand all the intricate details of our manufacturing process & products. The team seemed very professional & dedicated to their cause. We still had our doubts of what it would result in because we did not consider the involvement of a third party in our marketing process to be of big help. They had impressive communication & management skills & we discussed who to approach & how to approach. Within two weeks, they were all set to begin the execution. These consultants approached potentially interested companies & educational institutions & explained them our products. They stressed on how we were different from other similar companies which we failed to do.

Our business started gaining momentum & within months we had seven companies in hand who were interested in buying our products in bulk. Our progress turned out to be faster & more aggressive than what we had ever dreamed of. Thanks to Hexis! These fellows work like magic.

Not only did our business boom with their help & guidance, but we also got to learn many management lessons in the process. The company’s dedication can be seen in the fact that they offer their specialized services in a limited number of areas with utmost focus unlike other companies we had approached who without thinking much say they can handle the sales of any kind of product & service.

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Hexis will be our number one & only choice of sales consultants forever. These guys made us realize how important it is to have manufacturers representatives. Marketing is not an easy task that can be handled by any person. They took us on a smooth ride to success with smart ideas & timely planning. We also cut down on our investments in advertising to a great extent. We have expanded our business & introduced many new instruments. If anybody ever asks me for recommendations, I would tell them to go for hexis without a second thought. We are more than thankful to them. They brought to active life our company which we were afraid would die a silent death.





” Per your recommendations and support, we doubled our production and will name this tool after you. ”

– Dave B,

“ We see a lot of reps and only give the good ones like yourself opportunities! Your team and suggestions always work and we really like the way you learn about our business. ”

– Randy S

“ Thank you for introducing us to Heimatec and allowing us to see the difference risk free. I may have to wear a “Heimatec tatoo.” They are the best live tools I have ever used! ”

– Jake V,

“ I wish all rep agencies would share your philosophies about distribution! We haven’t been this motivated to work with a rep agency in a very long time! ”

 – Pete D,

“ Andrew’s insight and contributions have been invaluable to us in achieving success with some very difficult projects over the years. ”

–  Jonathan S,

“ Andrew, if you rep it, we’ll sell it! ”

– A Local Distributor,

“ Andrew and his team have been a huge asset for Hardinge Workholding!
Hexis has helped us to target customers with Hardinge’s new product lines. With Hexis’ local market knowledge and customer relationships, Hardinge has seen solid sales growth and market penetration. ”

–  Ryan E,

“ I work with Hexis and always have excellent results with their tooling recommendations and industry knowledge. They are a valuable resource for the industry. You can count on them – we do! ”

– Craig H,