Hexis is an Independent Sales Agency specifically serving industrial manufacturers.

Hexis is an Independent Sales Agency specifically serving industrial manufacturers. Our representatives fulfil sales, promotion and customer care roles for our clientele.

Andrew Skoog, founder of Hexis, worked as a machinist before entering distribution sales. He immediately recognized the need for manufacturer sales representatives who cared enough to learn about the products they were selling – and who answered their phones. So, he set out to create a manufacturers’ representative agency that businesses could rely on, and Hexis was born. Over the years, Hexis has grown to be one of the largest independent manufacturers’ sales representative firms in the Midwest. Our network expands to more than 150 distributor reps and a database of 75,000 contacts with our reps strategically located throughout the upper Midwest.

Thanks to a strong sense of integrity and putting clients’ needs first, Hexis is the Midwest’s most trusted leader for sales and representation in the machine trades industry.

Sales growth is your #1 concern, and we’re equipped to make that happen.

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Embrace purpose, achieve success, and lead with confidence.

My own journey has taken me from a place of tough, masculine power to embodying authenticity and wisdom through personal growth. I have experienced both successes and disappointments along this path, and as a trusted mentor, I am committed to guiding you toward a life of purpose, fulfillment, and joy. I am here to help you build meaningful relationships and achieve personal and professional success.

I enjoy watching others grow, inspiring them to think new thoughts, giving them a different perspective that again, fuels them to move forward.  I know there are so many people that feel stuck, lack the confidence to move from the back of the line to the front of the line…. the natural leaders that find themselves not utilizing their talents. That’s where I come in and together – we create a life you are proud of. 

Empowerment coach for men
empowerment coach

Client Reviews

Jordan White, Self Leadership Coach

“It’s not every day you run into someone like Andrew. There’s something about receiving guidance from someone who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. Thank you for your commitment and investment in my well-being, Andrew. Anyone you work with will be sure to receive tremendous value!”

Yuri Warwarik

“Andrew has a unique ability to lift the spirits of everyone he talks to and is very loyal to those who share his values of integrity and reliability. He is a great coach as he listens without judgment letting his team come up with their own answers by providing his experience and earned wisdom.

Dina Lewandowski, Certified Life Coach

Andrew is a strong, savvy and strategic businessman, an excellent family man and a phenomenal leader. His way of thinking and talking to others sets them at ease while supporting and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. He is an extremely intelligent businessman as well as a compassionate personal coach. Anyone would benefit from his brilliance.

Brad Lantz, Mind Health Coach

Andrew has a mind that leaps ahead, where others are satisfied in the moment, Andrew is curious about what’s possible. In work and life, he simplifies chaos to its irreducible minimum and challenges the how with the why not. Andrew humbly shares how to get ‘it’ done.

Allan Johnson

I have known Andrew for over 35 years.  It amazes me how he always goes out of his way to maintain a long lasting friendship.  He has an interesting ability to understand, relate and clearly communicate to his customers.  I truly believe this is why Andrew has done so well in his professional life and is a natural at coaching.

Joe D.

Andrew has a true and genuine heart you can feel in any conversation.  He truly cares for those around him.  He has both great attention to detail and broad visionary abilities. I’ve admired his capacity to be amazingly successful simultaneously in areas of family, business, and relationships.  It’s something many strive for, but few seem to reach.  I’d recommend Andrew for anyone wanting to grow from his experiences and excel in many areas.

Rich Lefavor

“Andrew has a quiet, calm demeanor, which only helps when strategizing or coaching his clients. This quiet, calm, only adds to his confidence of delivering the best of himself, while adding his knowledge to those he serves. I learned why Andrew is such a successful coach to his clients, while working with him.

Andrew is the consummate learner, which only arms his coached clients with the latest technology advances to maximize both their personal and professional goals. “

You have unlimited potential. It’s time to step back into your power.