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I have 30+ years in machine trades; 3 years machine trades schooling; 12 years Die/Mold Making; 8 years Sales/Applications Engineer and 6 years as an Independent Technical Sale Representative.

I started Hexis Reps in 2010 because I saw the need for trusted reps who cared enough to learn about the products they were selling; and who answered their phones.

My team and I assist clients in developing lean manufacturing practices, particularly in setup reduction and HPM practices. One of the greatest opportunities for process improvement is to make setups easier, faster and more predictable.

I enjoy really getting to know people and helping to solve their problems. It’s rewarding to know we’re our clients’ go-to source that comes through with the right solutions.

Family is big priority for me, and I have a big family with 9 kids and an amazing wife who home schools them. Life is an adventure for us all.

Andrew Skoog, President
I’ve been in manufacturing for 24 years. 15 years of CNC machining, and 9 years in sales as a direct rep for Ingersoll (5 yrs) and an independent rep for Hexis (4 yrs). All 9 years I’ve been selling tooling and accessories for the greater Twin Cities manufacturing sector.

I have an Associate’s degree in Tool and Die.

I’ve primarily spent all 15 years setting up, programming, operating and training others how to run multi-axis CNC lathes as a CNC machinist. With Hexis, I’m selling to shops that focus on Milling, Turning, and Swiss machining.

I love seeing the direct benefits of the time and effort we sales reps put in with the entire chain of people within our manufacturers and distributors, when helping a customer reduce cycle time and/or save money. It’s why I do what I do!

I’ve been married for 13 years and have 3 children that range in years from 15 to 8. I play the trumpet- when nobody is home that can’t stand the volume. I play golf, just starting to learn the guitar, and help coach my 12 year-old son’s basketball team. Not much free time in my house!

Chris Palm, Sales Engineer

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